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February Goal Setting

It's February - where are your goals at?

So what does have 2011 have in store for you? I know you’ve thought about it, maybe even a fleeting thought of what might be this year. You can’t help but spend some time thinking about this as it is a natural time of year to think about what was and plan what might be. You could argue that you should start your planning at the start of January so that you can start the year with your goals and strategies.

I disagree, which is why I am writing this at the end of January. I think January is a natural time for relaxing and enjoying the holiday season. It is an opportunity to unwind after the hectic lead up to Christmas and actually “take time out” – whatever time out means for you. This ‘down time’ is not a waste of time, it is clean out time, an opportunity for that active body and brain of yours to just rest, heal and recover. A chance to spring clean and de-clutter your personal world.

Once you’ve had this rest you are then in a more refreshed state and better to clearly review where you are at now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. How many times have you started January with a list of goals only to find that by February most of them have fallen away or you are struggling to keep to your milestones that you set yourself. It’s only February and already you are feeling tired and behind the 8 ball. The reason for this for many people is that they weren’t in the right space to define their goals in the first place.

So take your time, reflect on last year and think about what you would like to do in the next. It’s never too late to set your goals and strive towards what you want out of life. As long as you do set some goals and make a start on working towards them. My thoughts here are not an excuse to actually put off goal setting with a view that “I’ll do it next month!” but to allow yourself time to reflect and be in the right space when you start to formulate your plans.

I know I have mentioned it to many of my clients before, but the simplest of things can make the biggest difference. Even just writing down your goals is a key step in achieving them. All journeys start with one small step so why not grab a pen now and jot down what your first step might be.