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Job Market Update Sept/Oct 2010

Does anyone really know?

Does anyone really know what’s happening in the market at the moment? Everyone I speak to has a different opinion and even the government isn’t too sure of their own figures which we released and disputed a few months ago. Current data suggests that unemployment has dropped slightly and the number of jobs available has increased. The job board ‘seek’ would have us believe that the number of job listings are on the increase, although I am a little skeptical and wonder if this is more a reflection of agencies multiple listing ads to use up quota’s of pre-paid ads and raise their own profile…

One thing that everyone seems to agree with is that it is increasingly difficult to get the right person for a role when companies are recruiting. Expectations have been raised with companies realising the importance of employing the right people for the right job. Many companies have learnt some harsh lessons by not getting this mix right over the last few years.

One other common factor in the current market is that, in general, the number of people applying for jobs has dropped. I don’t think this means there are fewer people in the market, just that people have finally realised that they need to be more focused on their applications. Throwing your CV out to 50 jobs, of which 49 are totally unsuitable just isn’t going to work!!

So what does this mean for you if you are in the job market at the moment? It means that you’ve got to be selling yourself in the right way at every opportunity. First impacts are really important and it is vital that you are seen as a confident, knowledgeable person and someone that just has to be interviewed. Persistence and patience are two other key characteristics in the current market. You need to be prepared that it might take some time and that you’ve got to keep going if you are to find the right job for you.

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