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Recession Proof Jobs

Although times are tough, we are in a recession and unemployment is increasing, there are some roles that continue to be in need of good, experienced and qualified people. Listed below are some of these types of roles.

1. Police force

With the NZ government pledge to increase the number of ‘officers on the beat’ then this is one career choice that many people are considering. There will always be a need for good officers and long-term prospects within the role look good.

2. Insolvency Practitioner

It is a sad sign of the times, but there is an increase in the number of companies that are going into liquidaton. There’s never been a busier time to be in this professson

3. Teachers

This profession has been short in supply of qualified professionals for a number of years. With more teachers leaving than new teachers coming on board, this is an area where demand will continue to be strong throughout the recession. With school holidays off and ‘perceived’ short work days, why not?

4. Nurses

This is another profession that has had high demand for qualified professionals for a number of years, and this demand is set to continue throughout the recession. Its not necessarily the easiest job in the world but can be very rewarding (unfortunately not in the $$ sense) from a personal point of view. Long-term career prospects and security are positive

5. Funeral Directors

A service we will all be using at some point, so there is always going to be a demand for this professions services. It does take a certain type of person to work in this type of environment, but if its for you then you could have job security for life.

6. Trained Care-Givers

As advances in medical science increase the life expectancy of us all there is a demand for qualified people to look after us in our old age. Again not particularly well paid, but can be very rewarding

7. Supermarket Employees

Regardless of of our own personal circumstances, we all need to eat. Reports from the UK for 2008 showed that the main supermarket retailers had a bumper time. Instead of going out for meals consumers were tending to buy ingredients and do more cooking at home.

8. Fast Food Chains

There is always a demand for reasonably cheap convenient food. These types of outlets are likely to fair significantly better than the restaurants and cafes.

9. Plumbers, Electricians

Qualified and skilled professionals in these areas will always be needed. If your sewer pipe leaks or there is a problem with your electrics then you will need to call a skilled professional.

10. Car Mechanics

Our cars do have problems that need to be fixed. It could be argued that when times are tough people will fix them themselves, which is true, if you have the skills, knowledge and time. Reports have shown that people are servicing their cars less when times are tough, which is a false economy because a reduction in servicing usually means an increase in the risk of a major expensive problem – which your mechanic will be only too happy to fix.

This is my top 10 list of jobs that I feel will fair better through the recession than others. There are no guarantees and no job/position can offer 100% job security at any one time. In all of the above industries tough times will have an impact, but this impact will be lessened by the types of services that the professionals above provide. Please note I am talking about skilled professionals in each of these sectors, not people with little skill and motivation, who show up and take the pay check and add very little value. They will not survive regardless of their profession.

The views in this article are my own personal thoughts and are for discussion purposes.