For employers who care about their employees 

For a majority of companies, their most valuable asset are the people who work for the business. Looking after them is therefore an important role of any employer, if your staff are happy this will have a positive effect on the work environment/culture, as well as staff productivity.

As an employer there is only so much you can do, especially if staff members are having problems outside of work – and everyone experiences this from time to time – its called LIFE.

Employee Assistance Programme

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Outplacement Programme

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Before you talk to a Coach

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Corporate services

Our Corporate services in Auckland also include a Outplacement Programme, which provides support for your employees when they are going through the stressful process of redundancy.

Corporate Career Services in Auckland

Our corporate career services include an Outplacement Programme and an Employee Wellness Programme. We are able to provide a professional, confidential and affordable service that provides additional support and guidance for your employees when they need it.

Employee Wellness Programme

At It's My Life we have developed an Employee Wellness Programme, specifically for companies that do not want a full Employee Assistance Programme, with all the costs that this entails.

I provide corporate career coaching services in the Auckland and Albany regions.

What clients say about Its My Life

“I have tried counselling before but never had a connection with the counsellor. Andy we have a connection and it works wonders, it’s great to know I have you to turn to when needed…”

HK – office worker