At ITS MY LIFE we have developed the Employee Assistance Programme, specifically for the SME business sector. By providing a professional, confidential and affordable service we are able to offer additional support and guidance for your employees.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Knowledge that there is a professional counselling service available to support your staff in their time of need, to help them cope with stress or unhappiness.
  • Staff feel supported and that their employer cares about their welfare
  • Help to overcome issues in the workplace
  • Assist in retaining key staff members who are finding life tough at a particular point in time
  • Flexible approach that is affordable
  • Redundancy Care Programme available to assist staff who are made redundant

Benefits to Employees

  • Able to get professional, confidential support when Life proving difficult
  • Feel their employer cares about their welfare               
  • Enables staff to get support which they may not otherwise have access to or know where to go
  • Enable to staff to discuss issues that are effecting them in a ‘safe’ environment               
  • Can enhance their life and make work more enjoyable
  • Can provide employees with some Life Skills to assist them in their day to day life



What clients say about Its My Life

“… your Life Coaching has helped me deal with so many issues in my working life…”

DC – General Manager