Life Coaching.

Achieve the success you want for your Life


Life is a voyage of discovery, discovery of who you are, of what you want to do with your life, of what you want to achieve. Your voyage of discovery is on the “Good Ship YOU” and as your Life Coach I am a member of your crew.

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As a member of the International Coaching Federation I am bound by their code of ethics and best practice for coaching.

Life Coaching services in Auckland.

You are the Captain of the ship and it is you who makes the decisions, takes control and takes action. As crewman I am not here to tell you what to do – this is your ship, your voyage – I am here to keep you on course for what you want out of your LIFE.

Helping you to make the changes today to achieve the future you desire.

As a dedicated member of your crew I am here to support you when the seas are rough, to help guide you when there is a lack of direction and to motivate, stimulate and challenge you when you are adrift.

I provide life coaching services in the Auckland in person and online.

What clients say about Its My Life

“…. . My friends told me I should come and see you, but I always believed counselling doesn’t work … it does work and with your help I am overcoming the challenges in my life…thanks"

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