At It's My Life, your privacy is very important to enable a client to feel comfortable enough to share their inner-most thoughts and feelings, they need to know what is discussed is confidential and private.

One policy that applies to all areas is detailed below (online and face to face counselling):

  1. Its My Life does not and will not share any information that is provided via the website, through online counselling or face to face counselling with any other 3rd party without your express permission and knowledge. The only exceptions to this is are
    • Safety -  where there is a risk of harm to self or others, appropriate organisations and support will be contacted
    • Supervision – As a member of a professional Counselling  body I am required to meet with another counsellor (my Supervisor) to discuss my client load and any specific issues that I am working with. No names are mentioned in these sessions thus clients' confidentiality is protected. 
    • Legal Requirement – if legally required to do so, details and information will be released 
  2. While every effort is made to secure the privacy and confidentiality of all client information, Its My Life accepts no responsibility or liability for such security/confidentiality.

Face to Face Counselling

All information and notes taken during and after sessions are stored in a secure location. As a client you have right to request sight of notes relating to your face to face sessions. All requests must be in writing. Face to face counselling sessions are held at counselling rooms.

Online Counselling

Information from ‘chat sessions’ is stored in a password protected location. Due to the nature of ‘online counselling’ it is not possible to guarantee the security and privacy of information exchanged, however, every effort is made to protect this information with the use of anti-virus/spyware software     

Credit Card Payments

All information entered by a client when making a credit card payment is strictly confidential and is used by the credit card payment gateway (eWAY) to verify the credit card details.

Free Reports

When requesting details of our Free Counselling, Coaching and Career Coaching reports your email details may be used to send you further information about Its My Life services, Special offers and Newsletters from time to time. If you do not wish to receive this then please let me  know via email with unsuscribe written on the subject line or simply click the unsubscribe button on the newsletter. Your details will not be passed on to any other third party.

What clients say about Its My Life

“I have tried counselling before but never had a connection with the counsellor. Andy we have a connection and it works wonders, it’s great to know I have you to turn to when needed…”

HK – office worker