Online Coaching.

Discover your ideal career using our online assessment tool

With the challenges that COVID now represents more clients are finding being able to have all their support online is of great value. This approach provides you with convenience and flexibility to have sessions from the comfort of your own space. 

This online support is a combination of Online Assessment, Online Coaching sessions and a range of useful articles and videos as part of the programme. 

The online career assessments plans, provide an opportunity to develop your very own Strategic plan to help move you forward in the right direction for you. 

Payment is in advance for the sessions can be made here  or via bank transfer (please get email me for information) 

What clients say about Its My Life

“..I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated our sessions, they helped me realise some important things about myself.... I now feel more settled and excited about what will happen next. It was so good to talk to you about my true feelings.. ”

MV - Home Executive (aka a Mum)