A permanent solution to a temporary problem?

If you are in crisis and having suicidal thoughts then there are specialist help agencies available to you.

Lifeline Tel: 0800 543 354 this is a 24/7 365 days a year telephone helpline.

Samaritans Tel: 0800 726 666

www.spinz.org.nz - Suicide Prevention New Zealand

You can also use your GP’s emergency service or dial 111 (NZ)

Outside of NZ please go to www.befrienders.org for information or dial the Emergency number for your country (usually 911)

No one can stop you taking your own life if you are determined to, but if you are unsure at all, then why not find out what is available because it tends to work when you give it a chance.

People often make the mistake of thinking that no-one could possibly understand or offer help for the positions they are in. Yes it is a mistake to think this.

Specialist agencies and services are available to help you in your time of greatest need. So if you are at crisis point now please contact one of the organisations mentioned above.

What clients say about Its My Life

“…. . My friends told me I should come and see you, but I always believed counselling doesn’t work … it does work and with your help I am overcoming the challenges in my life…thanks"

WT - Sales Manager